N15 – Queer Strategies For Art Production


About N15

N15 – Queer strategies for art production is a series of lectures initiated by Konstitutet and curated by Ellen Suneson and Julia Björnberg. The series consist of 15 lectures and invite Swedish and international artists and theorists. The series is expected to be an ongoing discussion on strategies for artistic creations in a patriarchal, racist, ableist and and heteronormative art scene. By listening to various concepts such as discursiveness, amateurism, spatiality, temporality, failure, shame, resistance and violence we wish to encourage conversation, discussion, conflicts and collaboration.

About Ellen Suneson and Julia Björnberg

Ellen Suneson och Julia BjörnbergJulia Björnberg and Ellen Suneson have collaborated on numerous projects. In 2011 they curated the performance series Kroppen som politik (The Body as Politics) at Malmö Konsthall. Since 2010, Björnberg and Suneson have collaborated with Jenny Grönvall in an art project investigating failure as a feministic strategy in art. Among others, the project has resulted in performative lectures at Cirkulationscentralen and Liljevalchs Hub  (both in 2014) as well as the exhibitions Words will pass through our bodies, above our heads (2010) at Krets in Malmö and Again … Words will pass through our bodies, above our heads (2011) at Studio 44 in Stockholm.

Ellen Suneson (1984) is an art historian, art educator and freelancing curator. Her work focuses on feministic- and queer art, performance art and the concept of failure. Besides her freelance jobs she is a PhD student in the Division of Art History and Visual Studies at Lund University.

Julia Björnberg Julia Björnberg (1983) is a freelance curator, writer and editor. She is currently working at Ystad Art museum. Recent, she curated and co-curated projects include Hannah Ryggen: Weaving the World (2015-2016) at Moderna Museet Malmö and Heed the Call – Art for All! (2016) at Malmö Art Museum.