DOK: Offkonst III 2016 - Transparadiso/Direct Urbanism

On the 9-15032894_551643785034644_1669078211395438748_n12th of November 2016 Konstitutet arranged two exclusive occasions to meet Barbara Holub and Paul Rajakovics, founders of the artist/architect collective transparadiso in Vienna. Not only did we get to meet Barbara and Paul but also artist Kerstin Bergendal for a discussion about what Transparadiso calls ”Direct Urbanism".

Barbara and Paul share a long experience wihin art and urbanism and are currently working with public housing companies on two new urban quarters in Vienna. Both projects aim to establish new programs of living together, addressing current urban issues, one dealing with migration and the other providing new models of cooperative living and working. Here special programs of housing beyond the conventional social housing scheme will be developed and connected to cultural, educational and social programs.