Transparadisio visit: Invitation (2016)

Part of Konstitutet's OFFKONST series:

Let's talk about Direct Urbanism

Two exclusive occasions to meet Barbara Holub and Paul Rajakovics, founders of the artist/architect collective transparadiso in Vienna.


Commons Come. Arriving (transparadiso)  in "Creating Common Goods", Kunsthaus Vienna, 2015/2016: a game event for the production of desires. 

Thursday bar with transparadiso: Meet Barbara Holub and Paul Rajakovics (AUT)

Informal get-together with wine bar, talk and mingle

Thu 10 nov, 19.00–21.00 Konsitutet, Bragegatan 15, Malmö

The innovative urban designers Barbara Holub and Paul Rajakovics are founders of the artist/architect collective transparadiso, based in Vienna. Barbara and Paul share a long experience within art and urbanism and are currently working with public housing companies on two new urban quarters in Vienna. Both projects aim to establish new programs of living together, addressing current urban issues, one dealing with migration and the other providing new models of cooperative living and working. Here special programs of housing beyond the conventional social housing scheme will be developed and connected to cultural, educational and social programs.

Entry: 20 SEK

From Vienna to Malmö: transparadiso meets MKB

Open and free morning seminar, please register here.

Fri 11 nov, 9.30–12.00 Konstitutet, Bragegatan 15, Malmö

09.45–10.00 Welcome and introduction by Konstitutet

10.00–10.20 Presentation by Daniel Möller, MKB

10.20–11.00 Talk by transparadiso

Direct Urbanism The Role of Art and Artistic Strategies for Socially Engaged Urban Planning A presentation of urban-artistic tools and strategies for creating / reframing / expanding the urban context by addressing urban issues in their complexity of social and societal issues as method for a process orientated urban planning: A method transparadiso calls Direct Urbanism, exemplified by the projects „Paradise Enterprise“ (Judenburg/ Austria, 2012-2014, ongoing) and „Request for the Unrequested Voluntary Interlinguisticality“ (Pottenhofen / A, 2016).

11.00–11.30 Pause with refreshments

11.30–12.00 Discussion

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Our discussion partner/opponent throughout the transparadiso visit:

Kerstin BergendalKerstin Bergendal (SWE/DK) is a visual artist (b.1957) based in Copenhagen and Gothenburg. She uses drawing, photo, video and methods of pure play on the one hand, and durational strategies for critical intervention and participation on the other. Through durational and primarily listening processes, she maps the present of the place and draw out an existing knowledge, or ”lived experience” from locals, as well as from professions and structures related to the place. Her aim is to lift out a spectrum of attachments to, critique on, utopic ideas about and set them in play. The discursive platforms that eventually grow out of this exchange, aim to support and cultivate an existing local agency, and to improve conditions for local change.

The collaborative side of her work comprises the co-curating of the artist-run research platform TAPKO 1991–2005, and the work of transforming the artist run public gallery OVERGADEN into a Copenhagen Institute of Contemporary Art, in 1996–2002.  She was member of the committee for art in public spaces at the Danish National Arts Foundation, from 2008-2010. Currently, she is Senior Lecturer at Akademin Valand in Gothenburg, Sweden.

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