DOK: KPK#5 Att måla med ljuset

Konstitutets senaste KPK, Konstnärer Pratar Konst hölls den 16 september i samarbete med Fotogalleriet [format] i Malmö. Titeln var Att måla med ljuset och Guiseppe Sannino var samtalsledare. Samtalet kretsade kring analoga fotografiska processer och tekniker i en samtida kontext och den fotografiska bildens historiska traditioner inom bildberättandet. Nedan följer Guiseppes egna reflektioner och bilder från samtalet, som hölls på engelska.

During the KPK event at fotogalleriet [format] the group discussed to some length the idea of the photographic process - especially within the analogue field.

In addition, after a quick run through the history of photography, we went identified some important figures during the pictorialist period within photography. In the below quote:

“I believe that the time will come when photographs will be admired more for their invention than their execution.”

The pictorialist photographer Henry Peach Robinson is clear in his assertion that when photography was invented it wasn’t the process which was considered as important but the invention itself. However, in the last few decades, society has started to consider materiality as a concept within art and photography.

The idea of the physicality of the process was also discussed. When one works with an analogue form and one becomes aware of the process as a concept, one starts to consider that time also becomes an important element within one’s work and therefore makes you appreciate much more the final output when building towards an exhibition.

Furthermore, one idea which was extremely interesting was the perception as to whether your art places you in a box. This raised some great points of discussion as we discussed whether as a producer of images the technique that you might use limits you in your own way of seeing.

It’s invigorating to see that there is such a positive energy within the artistic world to pursue different photographic techniques and the group definitely showed this interest and eagerness.

Finally, I must say that the talk was very productive. We covered some great topics and all the group was able to communicate their position within the photographic spectrum and there was also time to also trade some tips knowledge on certain processes.