FORTBILDNING: Printed matter - tre halvdagars workshop i egenproducerade publikationer för konstnärer

The artist as editor and distributor.
Printed matter and publications workshop

- tre halvdagars workshop i egenproducerade publikationer för konstnärer.

När: 16/11, 17/11 och 23/11
Var: Konstitutet, KKV Monumental i Malmö, Bragegatan 15, 214 30 Malmö
Antal utbildningsplatser: 12
Handledare: Helena Fernandez-Cavada
Språk: Svenska/engelska/spanska
Målgrupp: Konstnärer med intresse av egenpublicerade publikationer.
Avgift: 550 kr – materialkostnad ingår
Viktigt: Anmälan är bindande efter inbetald avgift. Vid förhinder och avanmälan senast tre dagar innan utbildningsstart återbetalas 50 % av avgiften. Vid förhinder pågrund av sjukdom återbetalas hela avgiften mot uppvisande av läkarintyg. Reservation för inställd utbildning vid förlågt deltagarantal. 
Utbildningsansvariga: Kristian Körner och Robert Moreau. Kontakt:  

Praktik: During this workshop we will review artists publications practices that relates to the political landscape where they were published. We will sketch ideas and ask ourselves when and why make a publication and which kind of specifies the book can have in relation with the social-political landscape that we inhabit. 

Dag 1:fredag 16 november, kl 17.00 – 20.00. I propose a first day where to share strategies and publications with focus in Mexico to give a personal overview of what it has been published there: from Ulises Carrion to nowadays, focusing in the dematerialization of artists books, collective projects connected with the political landscape of the country and printed matter that intervene in the public sphere.

Dag 2: lördag 17 november, kl 10.00 – 14.00. During the second day we will speak about the roll of the editor as a political figure, and we will approach to the question and the limits of the artist as editor and distributor?

Dag 3: lördag 24 november, kl 10.00 – 13.00. Finally, in the last session we will share ideas for future publications to peer review them, and analyse them under the light of the already discussed questions.

This workshop is for artists that already have an interest in publication and printed matter.

Om handledaren: Helena Fernández-Cavada (Madrid, 1979) is a visual artist that lives and works in Malmö. She tries to draw every day in order to launch questions and play with them, a process that ranges from the conceptual nomadism, the questioning of established relationships and contradiction as an attitude towards life.  Her books Letters to my mother, The Sixth Hour, Pastimes and Soon will be late had been launch in Museo Amparo (MX); Inter Arts Center (SE); Museo Carrillo Gil (MX); PS1 Art Book fair (USA); Laboratorio Arte Alameda (MX); Salon für Kunstbuch. 21er Haus (AUT), among others institutions, but also in the public space.

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